Your Website

The first thing I recommend is that you keep your web site simple and that means using website tools that are easy to manage - website designs go through fashion changes every 18 - 24 months and you will likely make major changes to yours in about that cycle.  Avoid more complicated CMS (Content ... [Continue Reading]

Voodoo Viral’s Go to Market Strategy

Robert Cassard is a cofounder of Voodoo Viral.  After 30 years in marketing, advertising and video production, his natural growth hacking skills have found their ultimate creative outlet at Voodoo Viral, a company he co-founded in 2007. Robert began his career in advertising and marketing, ... [Continue Reading]

One Minute on Your Publicity and PR

In this one minute video I discuss publicity and PR. One Minute on Your Publicity and PR Transcript  PR initially, it's a little bit like a really dense website or using search engine optimization; you should do it, but keep it simple. So, you can write your own press releases and publish ... [Continue Reading]

How Speechpad Goes to Market

I recently interviewed David Feinleib, cofounder and CEO of Speechpad, about how the company goes to market. About Speechpad Speechpad is the leading provider of transcription and translation services for Video SEO, captioning and subtitling. Video SEO transcriptions from Speechpad help companies ... [Continue Reading]

Creating Authentic Content

In this two minute video I describe how to create authentic content. Two Minutes on Creating Authentic Content Transcript  When I think about both content and email marketing, just that whole sort of marketing piece, I try to think about how I buy. So, think about your own buyer behavior ... [Continue Reading]

Voodoo Viral: Rich Video Content

Robert co-founded Voodoo Viral, which provides users an extremely effective platform from which to run video-centric marketing, using rich video content.  He and his partners have thought through how distributed sales teams (direct and indirect) use content to engage customers and drive sales and ... [Continue Reading]

Driving the Online Sale

Richard Martin runs an online health related training business with his wife Margaret, who is a physical therapist.  He was a product marketing guy at Apple, Cisco and Broadcom so he thinks systematically and strategically.  Some good ideas in this presentation he made recently to a WordPress users' ... [Continue Reading]