Your Message Matters

Developing a clear, consistent message is as much about aligning your team as it is about communicating with your prospects. Take some to to workshop your message with your team. The simpler it is - and it should be simple - the more work it will take to uncover it. ... [Continue Reading]

17-43 Your Tagline

Your tagline needs to be clear, sharp and communicate what your product does but I don't think it should be too cute. Taglines for B2B products should avoid the cheeky tone used by B2C start ups whose preciousness is endearing to the consumer but can be offputting to the business buyer. ... [Continue Reading]

Your Tagline

Developing a tagline is an important part of your messaging effort as, ideally, it should embody the core of what your company does and the benefits of what you product offers. A solid tagline acts as the foundation on which your message, and hence y0ur marketing and sales effort, is built. A ... [Continue Reading]

Getting Your Sales Pitch Down: Groucho Knew

“The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you've got it made.” - Attributed to Groucho Marx There is nothing quite as satisfying for a sales guy as catching a prospect's attention and engaging him with a succinct, focused sales pitch.  Well, closing a deal may be more ... [Continue Reading]