The Hybrid Salesperson

Your mostly likely sales hire will be a hybrid salesperson - someone that has enterprise skills, can close bigger deals, run her own demos and draft her own proposals but does most business over the phone and via webinar. She will not travel more than 20% of the time. ... [Continue Reading]

Lunch with the Godfather: Getting to the Decision Maker

One of the challenges that your sales people have is getting to the right person in the buying organization, meaning the person that is in the position to make or influence the decision to purchase your offering.   Most enterprise sales job descriptions talk about the need to "...interact with C ... [Continue Reading]

What Sales 2.0 is and What it is Not

I had coffee recently with the CEO of a rapidly growing SaaS company that is focused on the SMB/SME market in verticals that are not terribly sophisticated (i.e. they are late adopters).  His company's timing is good, there is a strong need for its offering and "Software in the Cloud" is becoming ... [Continue Reading]