Meetings Matter

It is remarkably difficult to get live meetings with senior level prospects these days and that difficulty makes it all that much more important.  Paradoxically, because anyone can identify and target a particular individual in a prospect company, he or she becomes "hunted" and absolutely swamped ... [Continue Reading]

The Technology Sale: Building a Mystery

“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.” - Oscar Wilde One of the things that I love about the early stage technology sale  is that part of what you sell is the mysterious, the magical.  You are selling the ahead of the curve, selling the future. Selling a Vision The ... [Continue Reading]

Software. Watch the Doughnut Not the Hole

I run into what I call the "doughnut problem" with early stage software that I work with pretty regularly.   As a company develops its offering, it constantly pushes (and is pulled) to the periphery of its feature set, racing to add functionality, to meet customers' needs and fulfill its vision. ... [Continue Reading]