Defining Your Target Verticals

In this 1.6 minute video I describe how to define your target verticals. Defining Your Target Verticals A transcript of the video follows. Transcript One of the biggest challenges as a start-up or an early-stage company you have is being focused, and you just can't sell to everyone. So, you ... [Continue Reading]

Two Minutes on Your Marketing and Sales Effort

In this two minute video clip I describe how to think about your marketing and sales effort. Your Marketing and Sales Effort A transcript of my comments follows. Transcript I think it’s most important to think of sales as a process, and something that you can design and manage. I think a sales ... [Continue Reading]

Some Interesting Stats on Selling and Social Media

in a slide deck that a cool little company out of Halifax presented at Sales 2.0 yesterday.  I don't buy the idea that cold calling is dead - not for early stage companies at least - but do think the number that point to a lack of social media engagement make sense. Selling and Social Media ... [Continue Reading]

1.5 minutes on How Sales Has Changed

As an early stage company, you have to understand how the sales process works so that you can be as efficient as possible.  In this 110 second video, I share my thoughts on how sales has changed; we no longer live in a Glengarry Glen Ross world.  Your rolodex isn't that important, being a trusted ... [Continue Reading]

Who Am I Selling To?

As an early stage company, figuring out who you should be selling to can be a challenge - you've run into a dozen really good sounding opportunities, your offering is fluid and you want to go where opportunities take you. The key is to be both focused and nimble:  your target definition will ... [Continue Reading]

Voodoo Viral: Rich Video Content

Robert co-founded Voodoo Viral, which provides users an extremely effective platform from which to run video-centric marketing, using rich video content.  He and his partners have thought through how distributed sales teams (direct and indirect) use content to engage customers and drive sales and ... [Continue Reading]

Sales Compensation: Perverse Incentives

I heard Chris Cabrera, CEO of Xactly, which provides web based compensation management software to companies, talk about sales compensation recently.  He made three simple, powerful points about how you incent your sales team. Keep it Simple: Do Not Measure More Than Three Variables. I worked with ... [Continue Reading]

Your Startup Marketing Program: Just Like Flossing

I have come to realize that a marketing program, lean and mean for a startup, is like flossing your teeth.  You just have to do it, and do it religiously in faith that the results will come.  And they do. Four Keys to Startup Marketing It takes time Results will not be apparent for a ... [Continue Reading]

Show Me the Money: Sales Compensation

Developing a sales compensation plan is more art than science.  In working with early stage companies I have developed a few rules of thumb about how do to develop a plan that takes a company from its initial, founder driven sales, to a scalable process. Keep it Simple Your sales team should be ... [Continue Reading]

Disciplined, Focused Cold Calling

My first real business job was with a commercial real estate broker in Calgary in the mid '80s; brokers then were given a desk, a telephone and a telephone book and told to get after it.  They were also encouraged to walk door-to-to through downtown Calgary, trying to drum up interest in office ... [Continue Reading]