Our Friend the Fruit Fly

(When I am not working with sales and marketing teams, I like to bake sourdough bread.) Well, it turns out that the common fruit fly - Drosophila Mengaster - with one of the most studied set of genes in biology, does something quite helpful for us. Scientists have figured out that the fruit ... [Continue Reading]

24-14 Selling is Like Stand Up Comedy

Selling a new product, a missionary sale, is a lot like stand up comedy. Your pitch sounds fresh because you have practiced it ad nauseum, you need to be able to pivot, shift, reading your audience's mood. (This is particularly difficult to do via webinar). And, you have to practice, practice, ... [Continue Reading]

15-01 Herding Cats: Being Organized

Salespeople can be difficult to organize: all the more reason to do so. Set simple goals, develop a schedule and use it. Make sure that meetings start and end on time and keep what you expect from your team simple and make them stick to it. ... [Continue Reading]

Sales Training

American companies spend a lot of money on sales training (by some accounts, over $20 BN annually.)  There is a reason for this: sales teams are expensive to run and companies are willing to spend significant  amounts to improve their productivity. Notwithstanding this impressive spend, it is ... [Continue Reading]

Two Minutes on Designing Your Sales Process

In this two minute video I discuss designing your sales process. Two Minutes on Designing Your Sales Process Transcript  ... [Continue Reading]

One Minute on Developing Powerful Collateral

In this one minute video I describe how to develop powerful collateral. One Minute on Developing Powerful Collateral   Transcript I think in a lot of ways collateral is less important than it was even five years ago because people are so attuned to just go to this website and check it ... [Continue Reading]

Defining Your Target Verticals

In this 1.6 minute video I describe how to define your target verticals. Defining Your Target Verticals A transcript of the video follows. Transcript One of the biggest challenges as a start-up or an early-stage company you have is being focused, and you just can't sell to everyone. So, you ... [Continue Reading]

Two Minutes on Your Marketing and Sales Effort

In this two minute video clip I describe how to think about your marketing and sales effort. Your Marketing and Sales Effort A transcript of my comments follows. Transcript I think it’s most important to think of sales as a process, and something that you can design and manage. I think a sales ... [Continue Reading]

Some Interesting Stats on Selling and Social Media

in a slide deck that a cool little company out of Halifax presented at Sales 2.0 yesterday.  I don't buy the idea that cold calling is dead - not for early stage companies at least - but do think the number that point to a lack of social media engagement make sense. Selling and Social Media ... [Continue Reading]

1.5 minutes on How Sales Has Changed

As an early stage company, you have to understand how the sales process works so that you can be as efficient as possible.  In this 110 second video, I share my thoughts on how sales has changed; we no longer live in a Glengarry Glen Ross world.  Your rolodex isn't that important, being a trusted ... [Continue Reading]