Shorten That Sales Cycle!

This is a demand you'll hear from your CEO regularly. The sad truth is that there isn't a whole lot you can do to shorten the sales cycle of a new technology. People take time to absorb information and to measure the risks they are willing to take: all this figures into the time it takes to sell ... [Continue Reading]

Continual Qualification

Your sales process will be tighter and more predictable if you develop a culture of continual qualification with your sales team. Every interaction with a prospect is an opportunity to better gauge their intentions, their interest, their likelihood of buying. This will save your team a lot of time ... [Continue Reading]

13-66 The Sales Cycle Will Be Longer Than You Expect

Be honest with yourself, your board and your investors about your sales cycle length. Think about your own buying behavior - most companies take time to make a purchase, especially something new that uses technology that they may not have seen before. ... [Continue Reading]

Structuring Your Product For the Market

In this two minute video I describe how to structure your product for the market you are going after. Structuring Your Product For the Market A transcript of my comments follows. You have to look at the market you're going after, how they're going to make the purchase, and how streamlined you ... [Continue Reading]

Quality, Quality, Quality. Your Marketing Content

I stumbled upon this white paper  while doing research on social media and realtors, which is an excellent example of effective marketing content.  It is carefully thought out, doesn’t try to sell, and positions the author as a subject matter expert.  If I were in the content aggregation business ... [Continue Reading]

So, How Solid Are Those Sales Projections?

I have spent a fair bit of time with a passel of early stage companies over the last five years, typically ones selling some form of software, service or technology to a segment of the business community for anywhere from $1,000 - $20,000 in MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), or $15,000 - $250,000 in ... [Continue Reading]