17-42 Your Sales Tools

Develop a clean, current set of sales tools for your team - slides, scripts, demos and collateral. Keep the material up to date and work to continuously improve it. Avoid spreading your effort across too much material. ... [Continue Reading]

2.0 Minutes on Determining Your Pricing

In this two minute video I describe how to determine your pricing. Determining Your Pricing A transcript of my comments follows. 2.0 Minutes on Developing Your Pricing Pricing is typically a work in progress with an early-stage company. But I'd say a couple of things about it. One is don't ... [Continue Reading]

Your Sales Tools

You only need a few tools in your sales toolkit for your early stage sales effort.  This post details the essential items for your sales toolkit. Foundation The foundation of all your sales tools is your messaging.  Spend some time gettting your team "on message" and ensuring that your message is ... [Continue Reading]