24-14 Selling is Like Stand Up Comedy

Selling a new product, a missionary sale, is a lot like stand up comedy. Your pitch sounds fresh because you have practiced it ad nauseum, you need to be able to pivot, shift, reading your audience's mood. (This is particularly difficult to do via webinar). And, you have to practice, practice, ... [Continue Reading]

Two Minutes on How to Make Cold Calls

In this two minute video, I discuss how to make cold calls. Two Minutes on How to Make Cold Calls Transcript  The interesting thing about cold calling is that on one level it's dead. But I like to say, "Cold calling is dead, long live cold calling." So, still important to do. A much ... [Continue Reading]

Using Scripts With Your Sales Team

I am not a big believer in rote learning; after all, folks work best when they have internalized content and can work nimbly with it.  However, to ensure that your sales team is nimble, they need a solid foundation, and working from scripts will provide this for them.  Training using scripts is ... [Continue Reading]

Getting Your Sales Pitch Down: Groucho Knew

“The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you've got it made.” - Attributed to Groucho Marx There is nothing quite as satisfying for a sales guy as catching a prospect's attention and engaging him with a succinct, focused sales pitch.  Well, closing a deal may be more ... [Continue Reading]