13-24 Avoiding MEGO: Your Slide Deck

Your slide deck should be simple, clear and focused. A deck is, fundamentally, a visual story telling device. Avoid bragging about your features and using a lot of text: if you're not a visual person, get someone who is to help you design it. Avoid MEGO (My eyes glaze over.) ... [Continue Reading]

Voqel and its Go to Market Strategy

I recently sat down with Chris Russell, founder and CEO of Voqel to discuss their go to market strategy. About Voqel Voqel is a mobile platform for spoken expression. The world is full of amazing stories, but we rarely hear them. Instead, our experiences are often conveyed through text and ... [Continue Reading]

Make Your Demo Sing

There is nothing quite like running a demo for a prospect and sensing that you have them totally captivated, that what you are showing them resonates with what they need, that they feel that there is something slightly magical in your offering. Conversely, have we not all been the audience of ... [Continue Reading]

Your Slide Deck

I met with a serial entrepreneur recently to review how he was pitching a SaaS customer service solution.  This fellow has had some great successes, understands what it takes to build a business and sell a product but this was his first foray into the services space and he was having trouble getting ... [Continue Reading]