Identifying Your Target Verticals

You'll be tempted to chase a bunch of verticals. Do not do this: focus on one or two. More than this, and your sales team will lose its focus. If a vertical is big, you should focus geographically, starting in your own backyard. That way, you can set up a live meeting if you need to without having ... [Continue Reading]

Chasing the Viral Event

Nothing quite like when some content you've posted goes viral. Exciting! And a distraction. Chasing the viral event will waste a lot of cycles and distract you from your core marketing effort, which should be to slowly, steadily building a following. ... [Continue Reading]

21-59 Sales Metrics

Keep the metrics you track with your sales team focused on actvity (calls and email) and pipeline health. Do not overload your team with data gathering - this will only service to demoralze them and have them figure out how to game the system. ... [Continue Reading]

Your Tagline

Developing a tagline is an important part of your messaging effort as, ideally, it should embody the core of what your company does and the benefits of what you product offers. A solid tagline acts as the foundation on which your message, and hence y0ur marketing and sales effort, is built. A ... [Continue Reading]

How Sunil Maulik Goes to Market

I recently interviewed Sunil Maulik, who runs the SunilM1 design thinking consultancy about how he goes to market. About Sunil Sunil has over twenty years of experience in Silicon Valley. He was more recently VP at Designit, a global design services firm, and prior to that Director of ICT ... [Continue Reading]

One Minute on Developing Powerful Collateral

In this one minute video I describe how to develop powerful collateral. One Minute on Developing Powerful Collateral   Transcript I think in a lot of ways collateral is less important than it was even five years ago because people are so attuned to just go to this website and check it ... [Continue Reading]

Blogging Efficiently

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway Blogging is a great way to connect with the vertical(s) you are selling into and, if managed properly, a way to organize your thoughts in a larger schema.  Your time is precious, so you need to ... [Continue Reading]

Trade Shows Are a Time and Money Suck

And you sometimes wonder if they are worth the energy you put into them.   First, trade shows are expensive: when you add up the registration, booth, and shipping fees and travel costs, exhibiting at a trade show can make a big dent in your marketing budget.  Show services will charge you ... [Continue Reading]

Defining Your Target Verticals

In this 1.6 minute video I describe how to define your target verticals. Defining Your Target Verticals A transcript of the video follows. Transcript One of the biggest challenges as a start-up or an early-stage company you have is being focused, and you just can't sell to everyone. So, you ... [Continue Reading]

1.5 Minutes on Developing Your Buyer Personae

In this two minute video I describe how to develop your message. Developing Your Message A transcript of my comments follows. 1.5 Minutes on Developing Your Buyer Personae Buyer persona is an actual description of an imaginary individual that you're selling to, with as much kind of detail as ... [Continue Reading]