05-48 Selecting a CRM

You'll probably end up using Salesforce - Microsoft Dynamics and Sugar are creaky and, sadly, some of the newer, much more fluid and more current tools (Nimble, CapsuleCRM, RelateIQ) are not ready for prime time. ... [Continue Reading]

Selecting a CRM

Pretty much right out of the gate, you and your team should use a CRM to track leads, opportunities and activities.  A CRM is simply a relational database with all the attributes and challenges of that kind of data container, so it is important to have a realistic expectation about what a CRM will ... [Continue Reading]

Salesforce: Not All it is Cracked Up to Be

It's hard not to be a fan of Salesforce, the first CRM company to get mainstream organizations to take the cloud seriously.  Their approach to developing an app ecosystem (I worked on a partnership with the company in the first "class" of AppExchange partners years ago), long before there was an ... [Continue Reading]