What Should You Be Doing About Social Media?

Social media has a lot of traction and an irresistible pull on maketing and sales folks.  Industry wonks talk about “social selling” and “sales 2.0”, with some implying that if you fire up a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account and post assiduously, the leads will pour in.  In this post, I will ... [Continue Reading]

The Consumerization of Big Data

One of the biggest drivers of change in corporate IT over 15 years has been the demands from employees driven by their personal experience with technology at home.  Our intranet is dorky?  It should be as easy to use as Facebook or Amazon.  You want me to use this locked down Blackberry with poor ... [Continue Reading]

Google is Failing Me

I'll admit it, I am a Google fanboy: I believe in Saas - I've spent the last 10 years working in the field - I love the ubiquity of the web, of not being tied to a single computer.  I used gmail exclusively for 3 years until about a month ago when I got back on Outlook, which felt very retro.  I ... [Continue Reading]