Cold Calling is Dead. Long Live Cold Calling

When most folks think about cold calling, they think about the salesmen in Glengarry Glen Ross or those in the Boiler Room.  These guys are brash and abrasive; they don't care about your needs, they just want to jam what they are selling down your throat with brutal efficiency. Social media - ... [Continue Reading]

1.5 minutes on How Sales Has Changed

As an early stage company, you have to understand how the sales process works so that you can be as efficient as possible.  In this 110 second video, I share my thoughts on how sales has changed; we no longer live in a Glengarry Glen Ross world.  Your rolodex isn't that important, being a trusted ... [Continue Reading]

A Book About How to Sell That is Actually Worth Reading

If  you are like me, you find most books about how to sell a little disappointing, if not downright off putting.  Most remind me of the movies Glengarry Glen Ross, Wall Street or Boiler Room -all classics in their own way but not sources of great sales methodology, at least not for selling complex ... [Continue Reading]

Quality, Quality, Quality. Your Marketing Content

I stumbled upon this white paper  while doing research on social media and realtors, which is an excellent example of effective marketing content.  It is carefully thought out, doesn’t try to sell, and positions the author as a subject matter expert.  If I were in the content aggregation business ... [Continue Reading]

Disciplined, Focused Cold Calling

My first real business job was with a commercial real estate broker in Calgary in the mid '80s; brokers then were given a desk, a telephone and a telephone book and told to get after it.  They were also encouraged to walk door-to-to through downtown Calgary, trying to drum up interest in office ... [Continue Reading]

So, How Solid Are Those Sales Projections?

I have spent a fair bit of time with a passel of early stage companies over the last five years, typically ones selling some form of software, service or technology to a segment of the business community for anywhere from $1,000 - $20,000 in MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), or $15,000 - $250,000 in ... [Continue Reading]