Identifying Your Target Verticals

You'll be tempted to chase a bunch of verticals. Do not do this: focus on one or two. More than this, and your sales team will lose its focus. If a vertical is big, you should focus geographically, starting in your own backyard. That way, you can set up a live meeting if you need to without having ... [Continue Reading]

Who Am I Selling To?

As an early stage company, figuring out who you should be selling to can be a challenge - you've run into a dozen really good sounding opportunities, your offering is fluid and you want to go where opportunities take you. The key is to be both focused and nimble:  your target definition will ... [Continue Reading]

Seven Items to Keep in Mind About Your Target Market

When defining the target market for your offering, it helps to keep the following seven items in mind. 1. Focus This is a business platitude, but you have to be focused; lack of focus is death for an early stage company.  This can be hard to do - you have many forces pulling you in different ... [Continue Reading]