13-34 Keep Your Comp Simple, Generous, Fair

Keep comp for your sales team simple and generous: they are working with you to prove out your product market fit, pricing and sales process. Underpaying them or burdening them with an overly complex comp plan will only discourage them. ... [Continue Reading]

Sales Compensation: Perverse Incentives

I heard Chris Cabrera, CEO of Xactly, which provides web based compensation management software to companies, talk about sales compensation recently.  He made three simple, powerful points about how you incent your sales team. Keep it Simple: Do Not Measure More Than Three Variables. I worked with ... [Continue Reading]

Show Me the Money: Sales Compensation

Developing a sales compensation plan is more art than science.  In working with early stage companies I have developed a few rules of thumb about how do to develop a plan that takes a company from its initial, founder driven sales, to a scalable process. Keep it Simple Your sales team should be ... [Continue Reading]