Sales Compensation For Early Stage Companies

I blogged about sales compensation a couple of times in 2012 (here and here)When developing compensation for your sales team, there are four things to focus on.  You should keep your compensation plan: Simple Generous Focused on the Behavior You Want Fair First, keep your compensation ... [Continue Reading]

Two Minutes on Sales Compensation

In this two minute video I discuss sales compensation. Two Minutes on Sales Compensation Transcript  A couple things with sales guys and compensation is one, keep it fair. Actually, keep it generous and keep it simple. So I like to say the sales guy should be able to calculate what his ... [Continue Reading]

Sales Comp For SaaS/Cloud Companies

A short post with some data I have gathered about sales comp ranges for the various sales roles you may need in your early stage company.  I surveyed a number seasoned VPs of Sales who are members of the Silicon Valley VP of Sales Executive Forum on LinkedIn who gave me excellent feedback. (I ... [Continue Reading]