22-40 Buyer Persona: Who I Selling to?

Take the time to develop clear, focused buyer personas. Do this with your team so that you all understand who your target is and are aligned in your sales effort - this is really the biggest benefit. ... [Continue Reading]

01-17 Your Buyer’s Journey

Understanding your buyer's journey is critical to managing the sales cycle and folks' expectation about the same. Get your CEO to think about his/her own buyer behavior - typically she would be cautious about taking on a new technology and betting her business on it. Likewise, your buyer will ... [Continue Reading]

Who Am I Selling To?

As an early stage company, figuring out who you should be selling to can be a challenge - you've run into a dozen really good sounding opportunities, your offering is fluid and you want to go where opportunities take you. The key is to be both focused and nimble:  your target definition will ... [Continue Reading]

Buyer Persona (non Grata)

Developing concise, accurate descriptions of your target buyers - a Buyer Persona - is a simple exercise that can help focus and align your marketing and sales efforts.  There is a whole organization dedicated to this process.  It is a great way to connect marketing with what sales team is seeing ... [Continue Reading]