Streetlight Data’s Go to Market Strategy

  I sat down recently to talk with Laura Schewel, founder and CEO of Streetlight Data, about the firm's go to market strategy. About Streetlight Data StreetLight Data contextualizes anonymous location data (from cellular towers and GPS satellites) and combines it with other data sources to ... [Continue Reading]

The Consumerization of Big Data

One of the biggest drivers of change in corporate IT over 15 years has been the demands from employees driven by their personal experience with technology at home.  Our intranet is dorky?  It should be as easy to use as Facebook or Amazon.  You want me to use this locked down Blackberry with poor ... [Continue Reading]

Smarter CRMs

I ran into IntroHive, an early stage company out of Halifax recently, while at a conference.  The company leverages a company's employees' network of contacts to provide sales teams with much broader intelligence about prospects to make their calling smarter and sales cycle shorter.  Cool ... [Continue Reading]

Super Storm Sandy, Social Media and Big Data

This article in the New York Times uses social media and big data to present a compelling, good looking view of what is happening with superstorm Sandy.  I should note that it has been carefully "curated" (i.e. filtered or edited) by someone with good taste and a keen eye, so it looks a lot better ... [Continue Reading]