hm_icons_3Your sales effort needs to be lean and flexible: time and money need to be used wisely, efficiently.

I may help you answer a number of the following questions:

Sales Process

  • How do you design and implement a flexible and scalable sales process?
  • How should your sales team be structured?
  • What mix of SDRs and Inside, Hybrid and Enterprise sales people should staff for?

Hiring a Sales Team

  • How do you find salespeople as you scale?
  • How do you find the right kind of salesperson, one that can sell in an early stage environment?


  • How do you structure sales compensation so that it is attractive and within your budget?


  • How do you train your sales team for the role they need to play?
  • How do you ensure that they have the skills needed in an early stage setting?

Motivation, Culture

  • How do you develop a sales culture that is productive and creative?
  • How¬†do you motivate your sales team and keep them motivated?

Sales Plan, Projections

  • How do you make accurate sales projections?
  • How do you communicate sales projections to your team and motivate them to meet and exceed these?