hm_icons_1Early stage companies need to plan quickly and efficiently while developing developing their sales and marketing effort.

I may help you answer a number of the following questions:

Go-to-Market Strategy

  • How do you develop a simple, credible plan to take your product to market?
  • How easily can you test, pivot on this plan?

Sales Channels

  • What are the appropriate sales channels for your offering?
  • What revenue can you expect from each?
  • How will you manage them?
  • How do you avoid your channels becoming a time and money suck?

Market Research, Sizing

  • How do you develop a quick and accurate sense of your addressable market and market share?
  • Investors and sales team to buy into this?

Product Market Fit

  • How do you configure your offering so that its features align with the benefits you want to sell to each vertical or segment?
  • How do you make smaller purchases simple but leave yourself room to maneuver on larger deals?
  • How do you avoid feature/market drift?

Pricing Design

  • How do you structure pricing to map to the verticals and segments that you are targeting?
  • What array of features will generate the most revenue?

Financial Modeling

  • How do you model revenue and marketing and sales spend accurately?
  • How do you generate credible numbers for your investors and your team?