hm_icons_2Your marketing effort needs to be lean and flexible: time and money need to be used wisely, efficiently.

I may help you answer a number of the following questions:

Target Market(s)

  • How can you define target markets and segments so that they are credible to investors and comprehensible to your sales team?
  • What/who is your buyer persona?
  • Can your sales team visualize that persona?
  • How do you stay focused and avoid feature/market drift?


  • How do you develop a simple, concise tag line and elevator pitch that your sales team can internalize?

Marketing Tools

  • What tools should you be using to manage outbound marketing?
  • What are the strength and weaknesses of the various email and MAS packages?
  • How do you design a website that is easy to manage and maintain?
  • How do you ensure that your website communicates your value proposition?

Marketing Channels

  • What channels should you be using?
  • How should you leverage social media to promote your product?
  • What are the extent and limits of its effectiveness?

Outbound Marketing

  • Given your budget and time constraints, how do you structure an execute an outbound marketing program?
  • What media should you use?
  • How do you generate content that is valuable, authentic?
  • What are the benefits and costs of outsourced telemarketing?

Inbound Marketing

  • How do you cost effectively generate awareness of your product and resulting website traffic?
  • What kind of content should you use and how will you generate it?
  • How do you use social media effectively, without it becoming a time suck.