Social Selling For the Early Stage Company

What is Social Selling? Social selling uses social media (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest) to accelerate the sales process by enabling sales teams to research, prospect and generate leads more effectively than they might otherwise.  Social selling is big:  folks like Oracle, ... [Continue Reading]

Your Email List

Because outbound email marketing is efficient and economical, it is likely to be the core of your early outreach efforts.  I blogged about email marketing as a whole and about email lists specifically here a couple of years ago and now want to update my thoughts about your email list. A solid ... [Continue Reading]

Nanobots – They Might Be Giants

A sweet tune by They Might Be Giants. Nanobots - They Might Be Giants ... [Continue Reading]


For Wounded Vet, Love Pierces Fog of War  ... [Continue Reading]

Lunch with the Godfather: Getting to the Decision Maker

One of the challenges that your sales people have is getting to the right person in the buying organization, meaning the person that is in the position to make or influence the decision to purchase your offering.   Most enterprise sales job descriptions talk about the need to "...interact with C ... [Continue Reading]