Skynet is Coming

When I got out of my business school many years ago, one of my first jobs entailed reviewing ground leases for gas stations written in the '50s: perfect work for an investment banking associate. Looking back, a number of things strike me about those documents and how what the management theorist ... [Continue Reading]

Streetlight Data’s Go to Market Strategy

  I sat down recently to talk with Laura Schewel, founder and CEO of Streetlight Data, about the firm's go to market strategy. About Streetlight Data StreetLight Data contextualizes anonymous location data (from cellular towers and GPS satellites) and combines it with other data sources to ... [Continue Reading]

Sales Training

American companies spend a lot of money on sales training (by some accounts, over $20 BN annually.)  There is a reason for this: sales teams are expensive to run and companies are willing to spend significant  amounts to improve their productivity. Notwithstanding this impressive spend, it is ... [Continue Reading]

2.5 Minutes on Hiring Your Sales Team

In this two and a half minute video I discuss hiring your sales team. Two and a Half Minutes on Hiring Your Sales Team Transcript It's hard to hire good salespeople. It's actually harder than you think it would be. There are a lot of sales folks in the market at any given time. Most of them ... [Continue Reading]

Atlanta is Hip

Just sayin'.  I have visited Atlanta on business for many years but, until recently, had a rather jaded impression of the what the city is about. The drill was like this:  arrive from the West coast on a flight that arrived at ATL at midnight.  Find my way off the plane and to the rental car ... [Continue Reading]

Using Scripts With Your Sales Team

I am not a big believer in rote learning; after all, folks work best when they have internalized content and can work nimbly with it.  However, to ensure that your sales team is nimble, they need a solid foundation, and working from scripts will provide this for them.  Training using scripts is ... [Continue Reading]

Sales Comp For SaaS/Cloud Companies

A short post with some data I have gathered about sales comp ranges for the various sales roles you may need in your early stage company.  I surveyed a number seasoned VPs of Sales who are members of the Silicon Valley VP of Sales Executive Forum on LinkedIn who gave me excellent feedback. (I ... [Continue Reading]

Liam’s Latest Video – With a Retro Feel

Liam's latest vido, shot on Signal Hill and around Long Beach. Retro feel. Liam Morgan on Signal Hill, Long Beach ... [Continue Reading]

Creating Authentic Content

In this two minute video I describe how to create authentic content. Two Minutes on Creating Authentic Content Transcript  When I think about both content and email marketing, just that whole sort of marketing piece, I try to think about how I buy. So, think about your own buyer behavior ... [Continue Reading]

Liam Morgan’s Latest Video

Liam Morgan's latest vid got posted to Reddit and picked up 1 MM views. ... [Continue Reading]