Sales Training

American companies spend a lot of money on sales training (by some accounts, over $20 BN annually.)  There is a reason for this: sales teams are expensive to run and companies are willing to spend significant  amounts to improve their productivity. Notwithstanding this impressive spend, it is ... [Continue Reading]

2.5 Minutes on Hiring Your Sales Team

In this two and a half minute video I discuss hiring your sales team. Two and a Half Minutes on Hiring Your Sales Team Transcript It's hard to hire good salespeople. It's actually harder than you think it would be. There are a lot of sales folks in the market at any given time. Most of them ... [Continue Reading]

Atlanta is Hip

Just sayin'.  I have visited Atlanta on business for many years but, until recently, had a rather jaded impression of the what the city is about. The drill was like this:  arrive from the West coast on a flight that arrived at ATL at midnight.  Find my way off the plane and to the rental car ... [Continue Reading]

Using Scripts With Your Sales Team

I am not a big believer in rote learning; after all, folks work best when they have internalized content and can work nimbly with it.  However, to ensure that your sales team is nimble, they need a solid foundation, and working from scripts will provide this for them.  Training using scripts is ... [Continue Reading]

Sales Comp For SaaS/Cloud Companies

A short post with some data I have gathered about sales comp ranges for the various sales roles you may need in your early stage company.  I surveyed a number seasoned VPs of Sales who are members of the Silicon Valley VP of Sales Executive Forum on LinkedIn who gave me excellent feedback. (I ... [Continue Reading]

Liam’s Latest Video – With a Retro Feel

Liam's latest vido, shot on Signal Hill and around Long Beach. Retro feel. Liam Morgan on Signal Hill, Long Beach ... [Continue Reading]

Creating Authentic Content

In this two minute video I describe how to create authentic content. Two Minutes on Creating Authentic Content Transcript  When I think about both content and email marketing, just that whole sort of marketing piece, I try to think about how I buy. So, think about your own buyer behavior ... [Continue Reading]

Liam Morgan’s Latest Video

Liam Morgan's latest vid got posted to Reddit and picked up 1 MM views. ... [Continue Reading]

Social Selling For the Early Stage Company

What is Social Selling? Social selling uses social media (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest) to accelerate the sales process by enabling sales teams to research, prospect and generate leads more effectively than they might otherwise.  Social selling is big:  folks like Oracle, ... [Continue Reading]

Your Email List

Because outbound email marketing is efficient and economical, it is likely to be the core of your early outreach efforts.  I blogged about email marketing as a whole and about email lists specifically here a couple of years ago and now want to update my thoughts about your email list. A solid ... [Continue Reading]