Social Media and the Head Fake of Engagement.

We live in a time of faux engagement - social media has turned things upside down, giving users a false sense of engagement: you can access a lot of information about a prospect quickly and (falsely) begin to feel like you know her. This makes engaging folks to sell to them very difficult; ... [Continue Reading]

12-16 LinkedIn – A Salesperson’s Friend

LinkedIn is a remarkable tool, and a salesperson's friend. My team spends a lot of time in LinkedIn - the ability it gives them to research leads and build out networks is unsurpassed. Leveraging alumni networks (college, job, country of origin) is critical. ... [Continue Reading]

Social Selling For the Early Stage Company

What is Social Selling? Social selling uses social media (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest) to accelerate the sales process by enabling sales teams to research, prospect and generate leads more effectively than they might otherwise.  Social selling is big:  folks like Oracle, ... [Continue Reading]

Some Interesting Stats on Selling and Social Media

in a slide deck that a cool little company out of Halifax presented at Sales 2.0 yesterday.  I don't buy the idea that cold calling is dead - not for early stage companies at least - but do think the number that point to a lack of social media engagement make sense. Selling and Social Media ... [Continue Reading]

Demystifying Social Media

Demystifying Social Media by some McKinsey folks is a solid look at how social media is/should be used with consumer brands.  I think the medium has more limited application to B2B selling, particularly with early stage companies, whose budgets are limited. Some Criticism I have written elsewhere ... [Continue Reading]

Social Media and the Challenge of “Audience Ownership”

My friend Robert Cassard runs Voodoo Viral, which provides a rich video CRM tool to structured sales organizations, blogged recently about social media as a marketing tool.     ... [Continue Reading]

“How Valuable is a Social Media Audience, Really?”

My friend Robert Cassard sent me this article from Mashable:  How Valuable is a Social Media Audience, Really?, which questions the marketing value of social media in its current configuration. Nirvana (A Place, Not the Band) Marketing and sales nirvana is a situation where you set up your web ... [Continue Reading]

Super Storm Sandy, Social Media and Big Data

This article in the New York Times uses social media and big data to present a compelling, good looking view of what is happening with superstorm Sandy.  I should note that it has been carefully "curated" (i.e. filtered or edited) by someone with good taste and a keen eye, so it looks a lot better ... [Continue Reading]

Sharing, Caring: Collaborative Consumption

I sat in on a panel presentation this past week with a number of early stage companies that are developing businesses that help folks rent products and provide services to one another.  Companies like airbnb (rent a room in your apartment to visitors), RentCycle (tools, sporting gear, electronics, ... [Continue Reading]

Okay, Maybe I slagged Twitter a Little Too Much

This post on Flicker is pretty cool.   It shows Twitter traffic right around the time of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan a few of months ago. A Connected World Amazing.  Evidence of the connected world we live in. ... [Continue Reading]