Thinking Visually

I've blogged previously about slides that use (video here and three years ago here) - these are fundamentally, when used correctly, a visual tool; I thought it made sense to talk more generally about thinking visually. Most of us have been trained in how to communicate using words and numbers but ... [Continue Reading]

Two Minutes on How to Make Cold Calls

In this two minute video, I discuss how to make cold calls. Two Minutes on How to Make Cold Calls Transcript  The interesting thing about cold calling is that on one level it's dead. But I like to say, "Cold calling is dead, long live cold calling." So, still important to do. A much ... [Continue Reading]

Sales Compensation For Early Stage Companies

I blogged about sales compensation a couple of times in 2012 (here and here)When developing compensation for your sales team, there are four things to focus on.  You should keep your compensation plan: Simple Generous Focused on the Behavior You Want Fair First, keep your compensation ... [Continue Reading]

One Minute on Training Your Sales Team

In this one minute video I discuss training your sales team. One Minute on Training Your Sales Team Transcript  I think training gets overlooked with sales people, particularly at early stage companies. You can train your folks or do regular training that's very efficient. I like to focus ... [Continue Reading]

Two Minutes on Sales Compensation

In this two minute video I discuss sales compensation. Two Minutes on Sales Compensation Transcript  A couple things with sales guys and compensation is one, keep it fair. Actually, keep it generous and keep it simple. So I like to say the sales guy should be able to calculate what his ... [Continue Reading]

Sales Training

American companies spend a lot of money on sales training (by some accounts, over $20 BN annually.)  There is a reason for this: sales teams are expensive to run and companies are willing to spend significant  amounts to improve their productivity. Notwithstanding this impressive spend, it is ... [Continue Reading]

The Hybrid Salesperson

For early stage SaaS/cloud companies selling to the enterprise, the most common sales role is one I call the hybrid salesperson, whose function lies somewhere between a field sales and inside sales rep. What are the Classic B2B Sales Roles? Larger and more mature companies selling technology to ... [Continue Reading]

Two Minutes on Developing Your Sales Tools

In this two minute video I discuss developing your sales tools. One Minute on Developing Your Sales Tools Transcript  So to support your sales team out of the box, you need to have a CRM in place of some sort. It could be simple, that you can track contact information and opportunities. You ... [Continue Reading]

Cold Calling is Dead. Long Live Cold Calling

When most folks think about cold calling, they think about the salesmen in Glengarry Glen Ross or those in the Boiler Room.  These guys are brash and abrasive; they don't care about your needs, they just want to jam what they are selling down your throat with brutal efficiency. Social media - ... [Continue Reading]

Using Scripts With Your Sales Team

I am not a big believer in rote learning; after all, folks work best when they have internalized content and can work nimbly with it.  However, to ensure that your sales team is nimble, they need a solid foundation, and working from scripts will provide this for them.  Training using scripts is ... [Continue Reading]