10-53 Continuous Sales Training

As an early stage company, you are likely selling something new, different and somewhat complex. You need to continuously train your sales team on how to sell it, and work at continuously improving their skills. ... [Continue Reading]

03-23 Authentic Content

Authentic content is both critical to engaging potential customers and difficult to create. Your content needs to address issues your buyer persona care about and wnt to discuss; it cannot be written by a marketer. If you hire copywriters, you'll need to read their product yourself for authenticity. ... [Continue Reading]

01-17 Your Buyer’s Journey

Understanding your buyer's journey is critical to managing the sales cycle and folks' expectation about the same. Get your CEO to think about his/her own buyer behavior - typically she would be cautious about taking on a new technology and betting her business on it. Likewise, your buyer will ... [Continue Reading]

How Accelerance Goes to Market

In this short video, I interview Steve Mezak Founder and CEO of Accelerance, which helps companies offshore their software development. About Accelerance ISVs and IT departments have trouble hiring small teams of competent, cost effective programmers. Their need is too small for large, well-known ... [Continue Reading]

Thinking Visually

I've blogged previously about slides that use (video here and three years ago here) - these are fundamentally, when used correctly, a visual tool; I thought it made sense to talk more generally about thinking visually. Most of us have been trained in how to communicate using words and numbers but ... [Continue Reading]

Streetlight Data’s Go to Market Strategy

  I sat down recently to talk with Laura Schewel, founder and CEO of Streetlight Data, about the firm's go to market strategy. About Streetlight Data StreetLight Data contextualizes anonymous location data (from cellular towers and GPS satellites) and combines it with other data sources to ... [Continue Reading]

One Minute on Training Your Sales Team

In this one minute video I discuss training your sales team. One Minute on Training Your Sales Team Transcript  I think training gets overlooked with sales people, particularly at early stage companies. You can train your folks or do regular training that's very efficient. I like to focus ... [Continue Reading]

PSP Solutions’ Go to Market Strategy

I sat down to interview Cornelius Morely, co founder of PSP Solutions, about their go to market strategy. About PSP Solutions PSP Solutions is an international IT consulting company with offices in California, Texas and Pune India. It was founded with the core mission to help businesses manage ... [Continue Reading]

How ZoomSystems Goes to Market

In this video, I interview David Popler, Senior Vice President of Business Development, about how ZoomSystems goes to market. About ZoomSystems Founded in 2002 and based in San Francisco, California, ZoomSystems is the global leader in innovative, automated retail.  Its ZoomShops provide ... [Continue Reading]

Voqel and its Go to Market Strategy

I recently sat down with Chris Russell, founder and CEO of Voqel to discuss their go to market strategy. About Voqel Voqel is a mobile platform for spoken expression. The world is full of amazing stories, but we rarely hear them. Instead, our experiences are often conveyed through text and ... [Continue Reading]