01-56 Algorithm

The all knowing algorithm is this year's totem. Utter the word algorithm while referencing your solution and it will make all things well. No need for further investigation, skepticism, judgement. ... [Continue Reading]

La Reunion Part One

La Reunion Part One: The Place One Never Leaves from Caliber Truck Co. on Vimeo. A big part of downhill skateboarding is exploring new terrain with your friends. Most start with loading up a van and heading out to the nearest elevation change in hopes of finding a rad run close to home. The apex ... [Continue Reading]

How Frothy Would You Like Your Cappuccino?

Nathan Heller's recent article in the New Yorker (Bay Watched:  How San Francisco's new entrepreneurial culture is changing the country.) makes some trenchant observations about the land of Twitter, Google, Facebook, frothy cappuccinos and fog.  There is a weird buzz created by new social media ... [Continue Reading]

Structuring Your Product For the Market

In this two minute video I describe how to structure your product for the market you are going after. Structuring Your Product For the Market A transcript of my comments follows. You have to look at the market you're going after, how they're going to make the purchase, and how streamlined you ... [Continue Reading]

Super Storm Sandy, Social Media and Big Data

This article in the New York Times uses social media and big data to present a compelling, good looking view of what is happening with superstorm Sandy.  I should note that it has been carefully "curated" (i.e. filtered or edited) by someone with good taste and a keen eye, so it looks a lot better ... [Continue Reading]

Software. Watch the Doughnut Not the Hole

I run into what I call the "doughnut problem" with early stage software that I work with pretty regularly.   As a company develops its offering, it constantly pushes (and is pulled) to the periphery of its feature set, racing to add functionality, to meet customers' needs and fulfill its vision. ... [Continue Reading]

Sharing, Caring: Collaborative Consumption

I sat in on a panel presentation this past week with a number of early stage companies that are developing businesses that help folks rent products and provide services to one another.  Companies like airbnb (rent a room in your apartment to visitors), RentCycle (tools, sporting gear, electronics, ... [Continue Reading]

Google is Failing Me

I'll admit it, I am a Google fanboy: I believe in Saas - I've spent the last 10 years working in the field - I love the ubiquity of the web, of not being tied to a single computer.  I used gmail exclusively for 3 years until about a month ago when I got back on Outlook, which felt very retro.  I ... [Continue Reading]