Bakers of the World Unite

It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest. - Adam Smith Adam Smith gave bakers a bad rap 300 years ago when he noted that they - all businesspeople really - didn't produce the goods they produced ... [Continue Reading]

A Behavioral Modification Machine

The snack business is big.  Very big: more than $124 BN in North America and $167 BN in Europe, according to Nielsen, a market research firm. The global soft drink (sweet drinks, fizzy and flat and water) market is over $531 BN.  That's a lot of cola, even if some of it is sugar free.  The industry ... [Continue Reading]

The Productivity Puzzle

Why it is that, while the development of digital tools explodes (Tablets, smartphones, big data, the cloud, AI) and spreads rapidly around the world, productivity as measured by economists is steadily declining, is a pretty big puzzle.  All the more so for folks like you and I who - while we may ... [Continue Reading]

22-07 Hype in the Valley

Hype moves our economy forward and also wears us out. Silicon Valley thrives on hype: best to dip into its reservoir of this inflaming liquid with care, otherwise you'll find yourself chasing other peoples' dreams. Not your own. ... [Continue Reading]

Liam’s Latest Video

Shot at an F1 track in the South of France. Ever wondered what it would be like to skateboard around a race circuit in a luxury suit at 70mph?Introducing The 70mph Skater, an exclusive collaboration with Williams Martini Racing: Posted by Hackett London on Thursday, ... [Continue Reading]

15-20 Skynet is Coming

The way we work is changing, a quiet tsunami. Increasingly, we work for machines: they schedule us, check our work, organize us, ensure we make our flights, take our meds and do our exercise. Skynet is coming. ... [Continue Reading]

13-46 Millennial Tsunami

The workplace is changing: millennials are more numerous than boomers and will comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025. The change we are seeing has just gotten started. A millennial tsunami is coming. ... [Continue Reading]

09-21 Crisis Management 19th Century Style

Walter Bagehot founded The Economist Magazine 170 years ago. I am reading his book about financial crises in that century that sound remarkably like our own. Society is fragile, man is prone to hubris, mistakes and driven by venal impulses. ... [Continue Reading]

La Renunion Part Three: Burnt Land

The third of Liam's three part skate video La Réunion Part Three: Burnt Land from Caliber Truck Co. on Vimeo. ... [Continue Reading]

La Reunion Part Two: Le Volcan

The second of three videos of Liam in La Reunion. La Réunion Part Two: Le Volcan from Caliber Truck Co. on Vimeo. ... [Continue Reading]