Super Storm Sandy, Social Media and Big Data

This article in the New York Times uses social media and big data to present a compelling, good looking view of what is happening with superstorm Sandy.  I should note that it has been carefully "curated" (i.e. filtered or edited) by someone with good taste and a keen eye, so it looks a lot better ... [Continue Reading]

The Value of Search

The folks at McKinsey have generated an intersting paper about the value add of Internet search engines ( The impact of Internet technologies: Search) to the global economy.  An excerpt follows: "Using country-level analysis as a base, we estimated that the total gross value of Internet search ... [Continue Reading]

Spamalot! Your Email Marketing Effort

A lot of what you read about email marketing, even at great sites like, is geared either to B2C marketing or to very large enterprise engaging in the B2B sale that have sizable budgets and manpower. Email Marketing As an emerging technology company you should be engaging your ... [Continue Reading]