Two Minutes on Developing Your Message

In this two minute video I describe how to develop your message. Developing Your Message A transcript of my comments follows. Transcript Developing a message is really important, and it's important for a whole number of reasons. With an early-stage company, a lot of it's about getting your ... [Continue Reading]

Think Different(ly) About Your Tagline

If you enjoy words, writing and wordsmithing, generating  a tag line for your company can quite a lot of fun.  It can also take a fair bit a of work to find the phrase that more than one team member think communicates the essence of what your company is and does.  A bit like a complicated and ... [Continue Reading]

Brief. How You Communicate

One of the shifts in recent years in marketing and sales communications is a brutal turn towards brevity. Well, brevity and copy minus all the  euphemisms, jargon, cliches, superlatives and spin that marketing folks love.  The latter is very hard to do - try taking all the fluff out of the copy in ... [Continue Reading]

Buyer Persona (non Grata)

Developing concise, accurate descriptions of your target buyers - a Buyer Persona - is a simple exercise that can help focus and align your marketing and sales efforts.  There is a whole organization dedicated to this process.  It is a great way to connect marketing with what sales team is seeing ... [Continue Reading]

Getting Your Messaging Right

In Chicago, what a fine town.  I have had meetings with a trust (5013c) that promotes technology here in the Midwest and with a small, urban church whose focus is on urban artists and professionals. Now I know this may be a case of "when you are a hammer everything looks like a nail", but I find ... [Continue Reading]

Spamalot! Your Email Marketing Effort

A lot of what you read about email marketing, even at great sites like, is geared either to B2C marketing or to very large enterprise engaging in the B2B sale that have sizable budgets and manpower. Email Marketing As an emerging technology company you should be engaging your ... [Continue Reading]

Your Slide Deck

I met with a serial entrepreneur recently to review how he was pitching a SaaS customer service solution.  This fellow has had some great successes, understands what it takes to build a business and sell a product but this was his first foray into the services space and he was having trouble getting ... [Continue Reading]