Megacities, KLIM

I am in Lagos this week, staying in a business hotel on Victoria Island, the well to do center of Lagos and part of a stretch of land separating the Lagos Lagoon from the Atlantic Ocean.  You can feel the expanse of water here the way you can feel the Gulf in New Orleans. Humidity, heat, a dampness ... [Continue Reading]

Accra Medical Centre, Sickle Cell Anemia

One of my coaching clients is Accra Medical Centre; Moses and Cynthia are building a network of hospitals here in Ghana.  Health care is radically underserved here - Ghana is a poor country - and the demand for better facilities (By folks who can pay) is enormous. Moses trained as a accountant ... [Continue Reading]

The Nigerian Airport Experience. Dash

I had originally been scheduled to leave Abuja for Port Harcourt, about an hour South of the nation's capital on the coast, but arrived at the somewhat discombobulating counter experience - crowds of folks, some guys either baggage handlers or touts or both, airlines (About 1/2 dozen domestic ... [Continue Reading]

A Bicycle, Dust From the Sahara

I wanted to find an alternative to walking and Ubering around town; the former is slow and the latter seems like overkill for super short trips.  So I opted to buy a bicycle in the used bicycle market off the "Circle" - an interchange on the edge of town. Melissa, a Seed staffer, kindly drove me ... [Continue Reading]

Cape Coast, A Short Slaving Primer

The intricate weaving and bobbing of traffic along crowded, overused roads of mixed quality seems nearly universal in emerging markets.  As does the collection of detritus, shacks, businesses, folks doing stuff; a road is an artery of life  The steady toots of horns ("I'm here"), dust, the medley of ... [Continue Reading]

Landed in Ghana

When you travel to spots a good portion of the way around the globe, the jangly, sleep deprived thinness starts in your first layover, usually 9 - 12 hours out, depending which way you are heading.  On this trip to Ghana, it hit me in Amsterdam where I had a 5 hour wait from my flight to Accra and ... [Continue Reading]