Creating Authentic Content

The B2Bsales process is much more about discovery and research now than it was even five years ago (see these much cited survey results from Google and CEB, and my post about The Golden Rule of Buying Behavior) and, as such, spending less time pitching and more time providing your prospects with ... [Continue Reading]

Five Things to Keep in Mind About Email Marketing

It can be a bit of a puzzle getting an outbound email marketing program going and the whole process can seem a little overwhelming.  Keeping the following five things in mind should simplify and demystify the process for you. Develop a Clean, Focused Email List When putting together your email ... [Continue Reading]

Brief. How You Communicate

One of the shifts in recent years in marketing and sales communications is a brutal turn towards brevity. Well, brevity and copy minus all the  euphemisms, jargon, cliches, superlatives and spin that marketing folks love.  The latter is very hard to do - try taking all the fluff out of the copy in ... [Continue Reading]

Buyer Persona (non Grata)

Developing concise, accurate descriptions of your target buyers - a Buyer Persona - is a simple exercise that can help focus and align your marketing and sales efforts.  There is a whole organization dedicated to this process.  It is a great way to connect marketing with what sales team is seeing ... [Continue Reading]

Poor Man’s Marketing Automation

Few of the companies that I work with are large enough to manage (or can afford) a full-on marketing automation system (MAS) like Marketo, Hubspot, Silverpop or Eloqua.  Marketo has come out with a "lite" version of its offering to support smaller businesses but even this is a little too heavy for ... [Continue Reading]

Goldilocks Marketing

I suppose that it is human nature to look for patterns in data that we are exposed to: sometimes this is a wonderful thing, other times it is not so helpful.  I want to describe on pattern that I have noticed in my work with early stage companies.  Remember here that I am talking primarily about ... [Continue Reading]

PR For the Little Guy

I had lunch with Jon Bloom recently.  Jon runs McGrath Powers, a Silicon Valley based PR strategy and marketing firm.   Jon has worked with myriad of hardware, software, Internet focused, mobile and networking companies over the years (e.g. Tivo, Vodaphone, Nikon, RSA, Fusion Garage, mBlox) and has ... [Continue Reading]

The Value of Search

The folks at McKinsey have generated an intersting paper about the value add of Internet search engines ( The impact of Internet technologies: Search) to the global economy.  An excerpt follows: "Using country-level analysis as a base, we estimated that the total gross value of Internet search ... [Continue Reading]

Getting Your Messaging Right

In Chicago, what a fine town.  I have had meetings with a trust (5013c) that promotes technology here in the Midwest and with a small, urban church whose focus is on urban artists and professionals. Now I know this may be a case of "when you are a hammer everything looks like a nail", but I find ... [Continue Reading]

Marketing and the Early Stage Company

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." - John Wannamaker, US department store merchant (1838 - 1922) One of my clients, a CEO who runs a solid, successful, SAAS company, after I had described a simple content-based email marketing campaign, ... [Continue Reading]