26-31 Lead Nurturing

Your outbound marketing program should effectively nurture leads for you sales teams: folks they have talked to who are not ready to buy but that they want to track. You probably won't be able to afford hiring a team of SDRs so this will have to take their place. ... [Continue Reading]

20-67 Authentic Content

I cannot over emphasize the importance of authentic content, content that your buyer persona actually wants to read or watch. Think of yourself as the "trusted advisor" and produce content yourself. Do not hire or let your marketing folks do it - this will weaken its power. Do not promote, rather, ... [Continue Reading]

16-05 Marketing Automation: Tough For Startups

Marketing Automation is much less compelling than its promoters have claimed, particularly for start ups, whose resources are limited. Start simple, keep your efforts modest, using a simple outbound email tool to offer content to prospects.  Don't get lost in social tools. ... [Continue Reading]

15-25 Blogging Efficiently

If you commit to blogging, you can make it easier by generating a editorial calendar and developing simple outlines for each topic well in advance. You can then sit down, pull up the outline and riff on the topic. The topics should be issues your target audience care about. Write steadily - you need ... [Continue Reading]

03-23 Authentic Content

Authentic content is both critical to engaging potential customers and difficult to create. Your content needs to address issues your buyer persona care about and want to discuss; it cannot be written by a marketer. If you hire copywriters, you'll need to read their product yourself for ... [Continue Reading]

The Consumerization of Big Data

One of the biggest drivers of change in corporate IT over 15 years has been the demands from employees driven by their personal experience with technology at home.  Our intranet is dorky?  It should be as easy to use as Facebook or Amazon.  You want me to use this locked down Blackberry with poor ... [Continue Reading]

One Minute on Developing Your Website

In this two minute video I describe how to develop your website. One Minute on Developing Your Website Transcript  I think your website is who you are. That's how people check you out and that's how they're going to find you, so it's very important. But when you're starting out you don't ... [Continue Reading]

Effective Email Marketing

In this one minute video I describe how to make your email marketing effectively. One Minute on Effective Email Marketing   ... [Continue Reading]

What About a Whitepaper?

Since the '90s, whitepapers have been a common form of content made popular by analysts like Gartner and Forrester Research who generate their own content but also do so for clients, typically featuring that client's product as the leader in its category (The fabled "Magic Quadrant").  They can also ... [Continue Reading]

Blogging Efficiently

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway Blogging is a great way to connect with the vertical(s) you are selling into and, if managed properly, a way to organize your thoughts in a larger schema.  Your time is precious, so you need to ... [Continue Reading]