PSP Solutions’ Go to Market Strategy

PSP LogoI sat down to interview Cornelius Morely, co founder of PSP Solutions, about their go to market strategy.

About PSP Solutions

PSP Solutions is an international IT consulting company with offices in California, Texas and Pune India. It was founded with the core mission to help businesses manage their custom software assets with high user satisfaction in a cost effective manner. Since 1999, PSP Solutions has been providing software maintenance and customized technology solutions to businesses from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.

PSP has experience across a variety of industries including Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Banking, Insurance, Gaming and a wide variety of web based businesses including Investment, Retail and others. While always focusing on value, PSP’s flexible delivery models allow it to deliver solutions that align with its clients’ business, technology, timeline, and budget requirements.

How PSP Solutions Goes to Market


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