Atlanta is Hip



Just sayin’.  I have visited Atlanta on business for many years but, until recently, had a rather jaded impression of the what the city is about.

The drill was like this:  arrive from the West coast on a flight that arrived at ATL at midnight.  Find my way off the plane and to the rental car place.  Get my car and make my way to a faceless suburb somewhere outside the City and to my “econo” hotel.  The smell of pine and red earth would strike me as made my way through the parking lot to the hotel.

Meetings the next day at a spiffy but soulless suburban office building and then back to the airport for the flight home.  Not much to see: excellent Interstates, a bear finding the rental car store.  Waffle House.  Chik Fil A.

Well, my last couple of visits I have stayed in Mid Town and Google has taken me by surface streets to meetings in and around the beltway.  Nice!  Piedmont Park (Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted).  Museums (The High Museum of Art, The Museum of Contemprorary Art), theater, botanical gardens.  Lovely old neighborhoods with a mix of well tended housing stock, great restaurants and a nice vibe.  And a nice overlay of what were once local and county highways, tying together neighborhoods, meandering some and built up with a nice mix of retail and service.


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