Your Publicity and PR

In this one minute video I discuss publicity and PR.


PR initially, it’s a little bit like a really dense website or using search engine optimization; you should do it, but keep it simple. So, you can write your own press releases and publish them on things like PR newswire very inexpensively. The value of PR for an early stage company is really around, “Hey, people know this is a growing concern.”

It’s alive. It’s healthy. It’s doing stuff. It raises awareness for you, for other investors, and I wouldn’t say so much for potential customers. It’s less important than you think it is. So the first couple of years, yeah, do some, but don’t get lost in producing it.

If you can do one relevant news release a month, that will help you, and you’ll begin to percolate up in web searches for products or offerings like yours. Now, if you don’t have anything to report on, a bad press release is worse than no press release, because people see fluff immediately and discount you.

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