Developing Your Website

In this video I describe how to develop your website.


I think your website is who you are. That’s how people check you out and that’s how they’re going to find you, so it’s very important. But when you’re starting out you don’t want it to grow out of proportion so you can’t manage it. So I recommend that folks use a simple content management system.

WordPress is great, there’s LiteCMS, there’s two or three others that are good. Don’t get the full on EnterpriseCMS initially because
there’s too much work to maintain. But use a simple CMS, conform the content on your website to the messaging that you’ve developed with your team. I think about SEO and SEM somewhat, but don’t get lost in that.  That’s just not going to be important in the first year or two of your operation while you’re making smaller sales to beta clients, and that sort of thing.

And keep current. I think it’s important to people. It’s your front door, it’s your store-front. When people come to see you, that’s what they’re going to see when they look for you.

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