Creating Authentic Content

In this two minute video I describe how to create authentic content.


When I think about both content and email marketing, just that whole sort of marketing piece, I try to think about how I buy. So, think about your own buyer behavior about how you research things and what you’re looking for. So, it’s the cliched, “put yourself in your buyers shoes and think about how they’re going to see what you send them,” and that will help you be more focused and more authentic with what you do.

Given the way sales, kind of the sales process has shifted in the last ten years, where you’re trying to establish yourself as a trusted adviser, as a coach to the prospect, content’s very important. And content needs to be authentic. So content has to be actual information from experts in the area you’re selling into that your prospects are going to want to read or consume.

Often this means, you need to write it yourself. You can hire folks to do white papers and things for you and they’ll do a good job but they just don’t feel real, they don’t feel true. And I’ve used a lot of them over the years and they’re good folk, but people can tell right away that the white papers in the room is written by somebody who really knows the industry or the vertical.

The other thing about content is you want to use it as many ways as you can. So, the rule of thumb you want to use it three times. So maybe it’s published as a white paper, it’s broken up as blog posts, and then it’s done as a webinar. And, thirdly when you’re emailing or using this content to email, you probably can’t hit your contacts more than once every three weeks. Four is good. More than every three you’re just going to annoy them. So, you want to be very conscious of the fact that I’m delivering you, Mr. Prospect, authentic content that’s gonna help you with your business.

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