One Minute on Developing Powerful Collateral

In this one minute video I describe how to develop powerful collateral.

One Minute on Developing Powerful Collateral



I think in a lot of ways collateral is less important than it was even five years ago because people are so attuned to just go to this website and check it out. But you do want to have things that people can print off and hand to their boss. Keep them simple. Keep them understated. Avoid hyperbole.

Communicate real information about the product and what it’ll do and if you’re making your pricing public, make that public. And generate a piece for each of the versions of the product you’re offering. You don’t need a whole lot when you’re starting out, but it is good to have something you can hand to people that they can print off if they want to.

As you land clients, you’ll want to generate case studies with their permission, obviously. As you develop content, you want to make that sort of digestible in a form that can be distributed.

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