Developing Your Buyer Persona

In this two minute video I describe how to develop your buyer persona.

A transcript of my comments follows.

Buyer persona is an actual description of an imaginary individual that you’re selling to, with as much kind of detail as you can develop. Bob’s mid-western, went to Ohio State, has worked in business for 15 years, is a middle manager with these kinds of concerns, he coaches little league and he thinks a lot about the way he can make his team more efficient. Those kinds of things, it’s funny. I think it’s our nature as humans is we gravitate to that which is personal, and so it helps both your sales and marketing folks really visualize who they’re selling to.

At one level, the buyer persona sounds like something big companies do that are out of touch with their customers. But I found that defining buyer persona, and there’s probably more than one, is a great way, a really important way of connecting your marketing and sales teams so that they share a common vision. By writing down on paper the person you’re selling to, it helps you understand what is important and what is not important about what you’re selling and who you’re selling to. It’ll help you align your team and ultimately drive sales.

So, the sales guys will come back in and say, “Oh no, man. Look. When I’m calling on these calls, first of all, here’s the level of person I’m
getting through to. Here’s what they’re like. Here’s where they’re focused. Here’s what their worries and concerns are.” Those aren’t things that necessarily are going to percolate up through a market study or an analysis of, needs analysis.


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