Developing Your Message

In this two minute video I describe how to develop your message.

A transcript of my comments follows.


Developing a message is really important, and it’s important for a whole number of reasons. With an early-stage company, a lot of it’s about getting your team on the same page. You want to align the team around a common understanding of where you’re going and  what the benefits are of what you’re selling. It’s deceptive; it can be quite hard to come to a common agreement and describe it in a way that’s simple and memorable when you’re selling.

Things to keep in mind about your message: One is what is really important, and it’s important because you want to communicate benefits to your perspective customers, but also because you want to unite your team has a common vision. What I find when I work with early-stage companies is that usually is part of the process. The second thing to say about the message is that it just takes work to get there. The simpler it is, the harder you work to make it sound the way it does.

The third thing about the message is most startups that I work with are really focused on the product they’ve delivered, or are delivering, so tend to think in terms of features rather than benefits. You typically think of business benefits being return on investment, increase revenue, or spend level, but they can be psychic too, they can be about the individual you’re selling to; what it does to his job security or how it promotes his profile in the organization. Being aware of those things and embedding those in the
message is really important.

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