Smarter CRMs

I ran into IntroHive, an early stage company out of Halifax recently, while at a conference.  The company leverages a company’s employees’ network of contacts to provide sales teams with much broader intelligence about prospects to make their calling smarter and sales cycle shorter.  Cool stuff.

And, TechCrunch reports that Infer has raised a $10 MM A round from investors including  Andreessen Horowitz, Social+Capital Partnership and Sutter Hill Ventures.  The company is working on a platform that captures “…all sorts of corporate sales data from various CRMs and other sales and marketing databases, and combines that proprietary internal data with various signals available on the web. That means stuff like corporate job listings, company financials, legal filings, and the social media presence of potential customers — basically anything with the potential to show whether or not a potential customer intends to invest in whatever type of business or technology an Infer client is selling.

The information that it spits out provides a view into which potential customers are most likely to buy, providing sales teams with the ability to focus on those clients.”  At least, that’s the promise.

On its face, it makes sense: the sales process is changing and tools like these will accelerate that change.  I am not sure that cold calling will ever go away, but it could get a lot more efficient.




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