Marketing. Remember to Water That Tree

An old proverb goes: “When is the best time to plant a shade tree? 20 years ago.  When is the second best time?  Now.”  How true for your marketing efforts.  And,I might add, you need to water that tree every day.

All the goodness that comes from a focused, content-based marketing program is amplified and reinforced through repetition, through consistency.

Many Very Pressing Matters

Many very pressing matters will distract you from getting started and keeping at it:

  1. You don’t have time.
  2. Money is tight.
  3. (The biggie): I tried a few things and didn’t see results.

The first two items will always be true and are ones that you must negotiate around – figure out what you can afford to do and when you will do it.  The latter item is only disproved through experimentation and repetition.

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