Quality, Quality, Quality. Your Marketing Content

I stumbled upon this white paper  while doing research on social media and realtors, which is an excellent example of effective marketing content.  It is carefully thought out, doesn’t try to sell, and positions the author as a subject matter expert.  If I were in the content aggregation business for realtors (like Zillow, Trulia) or creating content for realtors, I would want to get to know the author.

Golden Rule

Good content is an essential part of a marketing effort; your prospects will use it to educate themselves about your offering and the market.  See step two and three in my post about the Golden Rule.

Sincerity.  Authenticity

It takes time and effort to produce, and there is no way around this.  You cannot fake it.  The approach that some marketing folks take to content reminds me of what Jack Lemmon (He appeared in Glengarry Glen Ross, a dark movie about salesmen and the shattering of the American dream)  said when asked about what the key to great acting was: “Sincerity.  When you have figured out how to fake that, you’ve got it made.”  Prospects can smell a rat: buzzwords, euphemisms. and self promotion will turn them off in a nano second.

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