Cold Calling Continued

I noted in a recent post that, for an early stage company, cold calling is both absolutely essential and brutally inefficient.  Even more so if undertaken with little or no marketing to support it.  Put another way, a solid, content-based marketing effort, even one executed on a shoe string, can significantly increase the results that a cold calling program generates.


It is not unusual for an early stage CEO not to understand the importance of both components of this effort:  some put an almost magical faith in the power of marketing to generate not just leads, but deals that close, and close quickly.  Others view marketing as hokum and think that getting a few sales guys pounding away on the phone will generate deals.  Both groups tend to be highly optimistic about how short the sales cycle will be.

Actually, most people are highly optimistic about the sales cycle; but that is part of the fun and challenge of building an early stage sales effort.

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