Getting Your Messaging Right

In Chicago, what a fine town.  I have had meetings with a trust (5013c) that promotes technology here in the Midwest and with a small, urban church whose focus is on urban artists and professionals.

Now I know this may be a case of “when you are a hammer everything looks like a nail”, but I find it amazing how similar their messaging, marketing and sales issues are.

Markets Change

Both have shifting markets and need to constantly be focusing on these.  Both have limited resources and, because of their shifting markets, find it easy to broaden their sales and marketing efforts beyond their budgets.  Both can leverage content based marketing and social media to get their message out.

Time to Sell

Finally, to be effective, both organizations need to dedicate time and money to “selling” – in the foundation’s case this is about money raising, with the church this is about consciously and systematically reaching out to its target audience.  “Sales” for both organizations come through systematic, focused, repetitive effort.



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