A Pity, It Seems Like Such a Good Idea

I wrote this a few years ago - it seems relevant today For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. H. L. Mencken What is it about folks with newfound wealth (e.g. some millennial scores big when he sells his ... [Continue Reading]

Measuring What You Manage

As you start marketing and selling your offering, it is wise to think through what you measure and how you do so. And to think through the time and effort to do so. First, I recommend that you start simple, being brutally honest about energy ... [Continue Reading]

Early Stage Companies: The Missionary Sale

Selling a new product as an early stage company has a challenge all of its own. You are building awareness, educating your target audience and trying to get deals closed, all at once. It is what makes the early stage sale exhilarating and difficult. ... [Continue Reading]

Marketing Automation Systems: Not For the Faint Hearted

Marketing Automation Systems are powerful, complex and will overwhelm you. Select a simple one - HubSpot or ActOn and do so only when you can see at least a year into the future. And, when you can hire someone to run it. Otherwise, it is a waste of ... [Continue Reading]

Big Data, Big Deal

We've gotten used to big data and expect it to do things for us. Lots of useful things: as consumers, we've seen its benefits in mapping, shopping on line and searching for stuff. Now, we want to see similar benefits in business, which is not far ... [Continue Reading]

Sales Forecasts For Early Stage Companies

I wrote this a number of years ago but the advice still holds up. When thinking about forecasting, you should ask yourself three questions: 1. What audiences is this forecast for? 2. How can I keep my forecasting process simple? 3. How do I ... [Continue Reading]

Hiring Salespeople

I wrote this a number of years ago but the advice holds up today. Finding good salespeople is remarkably difficult, even in a soft job market (The good salespeople keep their jobs, you don't want most of those on the street.).  In this post, I ... [Continue Reading]

Nice Little Package: Productizing Your Service

Consumer expectations have shifted significantly in the world of purchasing services. While we all experience professionals (e.g lawyers) and tradesmen (e.g. electricians) who expect to do work and just let the meter run, some are thinking ... [Continue Reading]

Your Software Contract

When I blogged about sales tools earlier this year (Your Sales Tools), I should have included a contract as one of the items that you will need to sell.  Forgive my oversight.  When thinking about how you contract with your customers, I recommend ... [Continue Reading]

Outsourced Lead Generation

I wrote this a number of years ago - the advice still holds up. As you launch and grow your company, you will face a challenge common to almost all early stage companies: how do you grow sales rapidly and in an efficient manner?  There are three ... [Continue Reading]