Being Machiavellian Has Its Place

The Italian writer and bureaucrat Niccolo Machiavelli brought the pragmatic to political philosophy.  Rather, he removed idealism or ideals from how philosophers thought leaders should and in a way provided a framework for modern political science.  ... [Continue Reading]

A Job Search Is Local: Know Your Ecosystem

When you are looking for a job it is critical to focus in an area (A vertical, a locality, a role, an organization if it is large) and then map the ecosystem that opportunities you are targeting sit within.  Opportunities are governed by personal ... [Continue Reading]

Diabetes: A Great American Export

We spend a fair bit of time in Mexico where sugary soda is omnipresent and it strikes you how common obesity is, particularly among the poor.  In fact, Mexico's rates of obesity and diabetes (Both closely linked) map pretty closely to what we ... [Continue Reading]

You Are Really Unhappy: Should You Change Jobs?

Sadly, it isn't uncommon to be stuck in a job that isn't a good fit: say one with a difficult boss, a limited scope or one with a firm that doesn't offer you a future.  Best to plan your exit, looking for the next gig that will enable you to start ... [Continue Reading]

Measuring What You Manage

As you start marketing and selling your offering, it is wise to think through what you measure and how you do so. And to think through the time and effort to do so. First, I recommend that you start simple, being brutally honest about energy ... [Continue Reading]

Early Stage Companies: The Missionary Sale

Selling a new product as an early stage company has a challenge all of its own. You are building awareness, educating your target audience and trying to get deals closed, all at once. It is what makes the early stage sale exhilarating and difficult. ... [Continue Reading]

Marketing Automation Systems: Not For the Faint Hearted

Marketing Automation Systems are powerful, complex and will overwhelm you. Select a simple one - HubSpot or ActOn and do so only when you can see at least a year into the future. And, when you can hire someone to run it. Otherwise, it is a waste of ... [Continue Reading]

Big Data, Big Deal

We've gotten used to big data and expect it to do things for us. Lots of useful things: as consumers, we've seen its benefits in mapping, shopping on line and searching for stuff. Now, we want to see similar benefits in business, which is not far ... [Continue Reading]

Sales Forecasts For Early Stage Companies

I wrote this a number of years ago but the advice still holds up. When thinking about forecasting, you should ask yourself three questions: 1. What audiences is this forecast for? 2. How can I keep my forecasting process simple? 3. How do I ... [Continue Reading]

Hiring Salespeople

I wrote this a number of years ago but the advice holds up today. Finding good salespeople is remarkably difficult, even in a soft job market (The good salespeople keep their jobs, you don't want most of those on the street.).  In this post, I ... [Continue Reading]